Recent tribunal cases and what we should learn

Two recent tribunal cases are worth mentioning this week one for its frivolity and ballsiness and the other illustrates the fight you are up against to displace the Commissioner’s default assessments. The first case involved a Peter Paalvast and a Mr Phillip Atkinson who, when presented with a statement of account from the ATO for … Continue reading “Recent tribunal cases and what we should learn”

Possible CGT implications when a family member passes

When Kirsty’s Dad died, he left the house to her mother, but the holiday home (purchased in 1990) was left to his three kids. However, Kirsty’s mum was granted a life interest in the holiday home. Today I’ll explain what the tax consequences are when her mum dies, and the kids inherit the holiday home. … Continue reading “Possible CGT implications when a family member passes”

Buying a business

Apportion or not apportion Nathan asks: I am buying a business and my solicitor has told me that the contract should list the value of each asset of the business, but my accountant has told I should not. What is the big deal and what should I do? The conflicting views are generally taxation driven … Continue reading “Buying a business”

Have you heard about the Financial System Inquiry Report?

Financial System Inquiry Report: Whats it all about? There has been a lot of media coverage lately about changes to tax coming from the Financial System Inquiry Report, including getting rid of negative gearing, and I’ve received a lot of enquiry around “what is the start date for these rules”? So, what is the Financial … Continue reading “Have you heard about the Financial System Inquiry Report?”

Your guide to better business management strategies

Your guide to better business management strategies The current economic environment is challenging. A mixed speed Australian economy and an uncertain global outlook places significant pressure on business and means they may be experiencing less activity, reduced margins and profitability; tighter cash flow and increased competition. Crowe Horwath has prepared How to survive and thrive … Continue reading “Your guide to better business management strategies”

Ten Best Investment Ideas of 2014

Staying a step ahead during a constant change For investors, each new year brings new opportunities and challenges. Some personal while others in the investment environment. One constant is change – social, political, technological, financial and economic. Crowe Horwath bring together ten major ideas and practically interpret what they might mean from a strategic positioning … Continue reading “Ten Best Investment Ideas of 2014”