Highlights of the CPTPP: agri-advantage

Aussie and Kiwi farmers are celebrating the removal of 98% of tariffs on exports to buyers across the Asia Pacific. A multilateral trade deal between 11 countries signed March 2018 will come into effect within 18 months, and possibly even before Christmas. Last month we presented an introduction to the new free trade agreement (FTA) … Continue reading “Highlights of the CPTPP: agri-advantage”

Projects Fail because the Senior Leaders Can’t See

Today, businesses operate in an environment of unprecedented change.  Often new businesses take advantage of new technologies or use innovation to challenge existing models of product or service delivery.  Uber, Airbnb and Telsla are great examples of this.  Established organisations often struggle to keep up due to entrenched cultures and structure, legacy technology platforms and … Continue reading “Projects Fail because the Senior Leaders Can’t See”

Recognising Broker Commissions

Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Brokers are likely to see significant changes in their revenue recognition when IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers is adopted. The 5 Step Revenue Model requires an entity to identify the performance obligations in a contract.  In simple terms, what service is the Broker actually providing to the customer? Where … Continue reading “Recognising Broker Commissions”

Trump’s Tax Changes: Impact on Australia in one simple example.

The US tax changes announced recently by President Donald Trump are one of the most dramatic and fundamental changes to US taxation of foreign earnings since 1986 and are already having a major impact on global supply chains. Global taxpayers are facing some major decision points. Affected companies will need to: Model the effect of … Continue reading “Trump’s Tax Changes: Impact on Australia in one simple example.”

Assembling the ideal board

Assembling an effective board is a challenging exercise. This is especially challenging for organisations with a small pool of prospective board members, even more so when board positions are honorary. Best practice for assembling an effective board is to have an appropriate mix of skills and experience. This mix depends on the organisation, but would … Continue reading “Assembling the ideal board”

Battlefield to Boardroom

How lessons from the frontline can be applied to everyday business leadership What makes for an effective leader? This is a question that is asked again and again, across the spectrum of society and business. Every day we see cases where leadership is being negatively questioned (think Cricket Australia, Federal LNP deputies and the NRL … Continue reading “Battlefield to Boardroom”

Asset rich, cash poor – Understanding cashflow in farming businesses

We’ve long heard the phrase, that farmers in particular have plenty of assets, but not much in the way of cashflow. This flows through to the presumption of many hours of hard work, but precious little in the way of disposable income to show for it. There is no disputing the fact that farming is … Continue reading “Asset rich, cash poor – Understanding cashflow in farming businesses”

Australian Trusted Trader: a necessity for supply chain optimisation and quality assurance.

Since its launch date, the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program has been building momentum, attracting strong interest from a variety of businesses ranging from small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations (MNCs), with service providers also expressing interest in applying for accreditation. The ATT fosters an environment of global competitiveness for international traders, through providing preferential … Continue reading “Australian Trusted Trader: a necessity for supply chain optimisation and quality assurance.”

White noise: trends in global trade

What does the future hold? Predicting outcomes in global trade is often more an imprecise art than a science, as interwoven as they are with geo-political events. Current media attention on the protectionist war of words (and tweets) emanating from the US White House has made a clearer understanding even more necessary. In a somewhat … Continue reading “White noise: trends in global trade”