Structure… What structure?

How well do you really understand your business structure? All too often we come across clients who have been operating their business within a particular legal structure for a period of time, and in some cases, many years, without having a proper understanding of the consequences and implications that their particular structure may have on … Continue reading “Structure… What structure?”

Health Care Risk Management

If a company defines objectives without taking the risks into consideration, chances are that they will lose direction once any of these risks hit home. Clinical Risk, which includes quality patient care and safety, is the number one risk for all health care providers. Let’s explore another three key risks that should be considered: Data … Continue reading “Health Care Risk Management”

An ASEAN future?

One of Australia’s great, unrecognised virtues may not be its cosmopolitan cities, beautiful landscapes and world-class produce, but another equally wondrous national treasure; the dexterity of its diplomatic corps. Navigating the newly unpredictable relationship with the United States and a trading relationship with strategic rival China, Australia has become adept at operating in the grey … Continue reading “An ASEAN future?”

Transparent and Accurate Valuations

Royal commission: Banks pledge transparency on valuations As reported in the Australian Financial Review on 13 June 2018[1], “The major banks have pledged to be more transparent when they send investigators and valuers into a customer’s business, after the royal commission heard secret re-valuations had been used to trigger loan defaults. New submissions to the … Continue reading “Transparent and Accurate Valuations”

Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty

The superannuation guarantee (“SG”) is an important part of our taxation system, but it can be very complex. Mistakes in the calculation or payment of SG do happen, and the consequences of this can be extensive and ultimately quite expensive for employers. As such, in May 2018, the Government announced a one-off 12 month Superannuation … Continue reading “Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty”

Trump’s battle a win for Australian exporters

Political posturing between the world’s two largest economies could be a silver lining for other countries with the capability of reliably supplying high-quality fresh produce. Reading the headlines over the past few months, the casual observer can be forgiven for thinking the world’s two largest economies are about to drag themselves (and the rest of … Continue reading “Trump’s battle a win for Australian exporters”

Are you prepared for a review by the ATO?

Tax Governance is a key focus area for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) when reviewing both privately held groups and large public and multinational businesses. The ATO released an expanded Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide in January 2017, which was updated again in April 2018. This guide sets out their view on director’s … Continue reading “Are you prepared for a review by the ATO?”

The spotlight is on valuations: How will you deal with the challenges?

A number of recent issues have put the spotlight firmly on business and equity valuations.  This article recaps some of the pertinent issues and fundamental complexities that are being faced. Recent issues that have brought the robustness of valuations (or lack thereof) into the forefront of corporate Australia include: The drama surrounding Blue Sky Alternative … Continue reading “The spotlight is on valuations: How will you deal with the challenges?”

SproutX – Checkpoint

What is your startup and what problem is it solving for the agriculture industry? Checkpoint is a software subscription service providing identification and surveillance capacity for managing biosecurity risk. If you grow, trade, inspect or transport commodities, you should have a plan to manage biosecurity risk. Checkpoint provides a comprehensive toolset to do just that. … Continue reading “SproutX – Checkpoint”