Keeping on top of your Fringe Benefits tax obligations throughout the year

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is something most employers think of once a year around March, when compiling supporting information for their FBT return. Turning your mind to FBT only when the return is due can be a major challenge. In this regard, the source documentation and substantiating records may not be readily available and need … Continue reading “Keeping on top of your Fringe Benefits tax obligations throughout the year”

Financial Monitoring and Management for Not-for-profit Organisations

Financial monitoring and management is an important governance and management function in all organisations with separation of ownership and management. The Board has three main roles in relation to financial monitoring and management: Plan through the approval of budgets. Monitor the financial performance of the organisation to ensure that targets are being met. Respond to … Continue reading “Financial Monitoring and Management for Not-for-profit Organisations”

Seven Tips for a Successful Clinical Governance Internal Audit

The following article is adapted from an original piece written by Rebecca Welker (FHFMA, CIA) in the U.S.  John Gavens (Partner – Audit & Assurance, Crowe Horwath Australasia) has tailored the content for an Australian audience. In Australia, the most significant risks to healthcare organisations relate to clinical governance.  However, traditionally internal audit activities have … Continue reading “Seven Tips for a Successful Clinical Governance Internal Audit”

Employee Motivation

Employees are the resources that turn vision into reality in the workplace. They are like engines that keep the train moving, and they need to be well oiled to ensure the train keeps chugging along. Motivation is the secret sauce and the grease that keeps the engine oiled. Walt Disney once said, “You can design … Continue reading “Employee Motivation”

Superannuation Compliance Issues

With the introduction of the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House in July 2016 superannuation compliance has been emerging as one of the bigger issues facing businesses in recent times. According to the ATO, small business commonly makes the following mistakes with respect to its super guarantee obligations: paying insufficient super contributions for eligible employees; missing … Continue reading “Superannuation Compliance Issues”

SproutX – thingc AgTech

Each month, Crowe Horwath will profile the startups that have been accepted into the 2017 SproutX Accelerator program. SproutX is a joint venture between Findex and the National Farmer’s Federation. It’s an innovation hub and startup accelerator designed specifically for the Agtech sector-  the first of its kind in Australia. SproutX focuses on nurturing startups and entrepreneurs to help … Continue reading “SproutX – thingc AgTech”